A rave review of "Earthquake"

Writing in the September 2016 edition of The American Organist, Kimberly Marshall and David Yearsley raved about the Houston Chamber Choir and Mary Preston's premiere performance of Zachary's Earthquake.

“Earthquake” is an imaginative setting of the eponymous text by Thomas Merton that promotes love and unity. Wadsworth’s rhythmic sophistication and lyrical finesse are reminiscent of Benjamin Britten; his understanding of the organ’s capabilities was apparent throughout the score, beautifully executed by Preston. The textures were clear, with the organ supporting and punctuating the choral parts. Wadsworth reserved the organ’s tutti for the conclusion of the piece; after the choir sang their final chord, the organ built to a powerful climax, suggesting the unity of all people. “Earthquake” is a stunning new work that deserves a lasting place in the repertoire.
— Kimberly Marshall and David Yearsley, The American Organist
Zachary Wadsworth