for violin and live electronics (3')

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Completed in February, 2008.

Premiered on March 9, 2008 by Spencer Topel (violin) and Zachary Wadsworth (live electronics).


Memory-Étude is an exploration of sound and memory for violin and live electronics. As the violinist plays several slow glissandi, certain notes are captured and held by the electronics, providing the harmonic underpinning for the live performer’s expressive melody above. 


from the premiere performance by violinist Spencer Topel on March 9, 2008

Within three (3) business days of ordering, you will be emailed a download link to a PDF score, the live electronics files, and a sample recording of the work.

In order to perform the piece, you will need to download and install Pure Data (free). Other performance equipment includes a computer, a USB or FireWire audio interface, a mixer, one microphone, and two speakers. The live electronics need to be run by a human being while the violinist plays.