Three Biographies

Three Biographies


three movements for solo violin (13')

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Completed in 2002. 

Dedicated to Ari Streisfeld, who performed the piece's world premiere on November 14, 2002 in Rochester, NY.


Three Biographies is a collection of three medium-length solo violin pieces written to commemorate certain days that are important to each piece’s dedicatee. The first piece, May 31, 2000, is dedicated to Alexander Lee. It is an elegy for his father, focusing on the emotion of the mourning process. The second piece, July 25, 1965, is dedicated to Jack Wadsworth, who fell victim to a random act of hatred. The piece outlines several important moments in his life, all leading to the moment of his death. The third piece, October 27, 2001, is dedicated to my parents. It is a perpetual motion piece which introduces notes one at a time until a loud, virtuosic climax. This cycle is dedicated to Ari Streisfeld, whose talent and advice helped immeasurably in the composition process.